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Restoration and Paint Removal

Though we love being entrusted with every step of your painting project, we are able to isolate and offer services that are part our initial exterior and interior painting preparation including restoring old houses and removing paint from homes, businesses, fences and decks. Proper preparation and removal of old paint, stain, and wallpaper is necessary before applying new paint.

Restoration Techniques

Buckeye Arizona Painters will take your building where its at. Our restoration services are included in our preparation process and we can give you a heads up after our initial evaluation if we recommend any restoration techniques including:

  • Touch Ups and Paint Matching
  • Fading Colors and Paint
  • Paint Discoloration
  • Replacing Rotting or Broken Boards and Siding
  • Removing and Replacing Old Sealant
  • Carpentry and drywall repair
Painting and Restoring Exterior Residential House Siding
Painting and Restoring Residential Siding

Historic Home Restoration

If you’re looking to freshen up your older Buckeye, AZ home while preserving it’s history and charm, let us take care of your paint. Painting older houses can be challenging due to improper application, non-standard paints and lack of sealant used.

Your home doesn’t have to be a historical landmark to be special and a pillar in your neighborhood. At Buckeye Arizona Painters, we give your older home the respect it deserves and bring even more care to the repainting process.

Historic Home Paint Restoration in Buckeye, AZ
Historic Home Restoration Buckeye, AZ

Paint Removal

Buckeye Arizona Painters include scraping, sanding, and painting in our preparation process as necessary. Preparing all the details is our specialty. We are able to adapt to any initial painting condition and love embracing the texture of your house. We’ll identify any blistering or damaged paint, problem spots, and old paint jobs that have gone awry. Our Paint Removal Services include:

  • Hand Scraping
  • Power Washing
  • Sanding
Paint removal and restoration in Buckeye, AZ
Chipped Paint Removal in Buckeye

Wallpaper Removal

Dealing with interior rooms covered in old, damaged, and just plain ugly wallpaper? Buckeye Arizona Painters can professionally remove wallpaper and prep to hang a more stylish prints or apply a fresh coat of paint to your liking.

Unflattering wallpaper is pretty common on older residential interiors, so we’re adept at removing even the toughest adhesives and glue. We can remove wallpaper without damaging the plaster or drywall underneath.

Buckeye Arizona Painters will apply multiple techniques including:

  • Stripping
  • Steaming
  • Soaking

Removing wallpaper takes patience, determination, and skill, but we have the tools and expertise to take your room where its at, no matter what the condition of the walls. We love being able to provide this and other removal services and avoid the headache that can come from remodeling.